Is Snooki a Veterinary Technician?

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There has been a lot of talk whether Nicole Polizzi (AKA “Snooki” ) is a certified veterinary technician. Many people ask, “How can someone who appears to be so clueless actually have a college education?” Well, like many of the cast members on Jersey Shore, Snooki does have a college degree. Was she ever an actual vet tech? Experience speaks for itself, and in Snooki’s own words, I’ve “stuck my hand in a cow’s ass.”

Snooki the Certified Veterinary Technician

According to various sources, Polizzi attended Brookdale Community College in New Jersey where she studied to become a veterinary technician. She went on to work as a vet tech before being picked up by MTV for the show. In 2011 Snooki did an interview with GQ magazine. She was asked about her experience as a veterinary technician. Portions of the interview follow.

Snooki Vet Tech Quotes

GQ: What was your major?
Snooki: Veterinarian tech. Test me and bring me to a hospital. I can induce an animal, do surgery, do anesthesia, and take blood. So if you want to tell me I’m stupid again, let’s go to an animal hospital.

GQ: I could see you operating on a leopard, in your leopard fedora!
Snooki: [Laughing] Yeah, I would have a leopard lab coat. No, scrubs! I used to wear leopard scrubs at my internship.

GQ: What’s an animal that you’ve worked with before?
Snooki: I did dogs and cats. I’ve actually worked with ducks, drew blood from a horse, and stuck my hand in a cow’s ass.

GQ: Do you remember the ideal heart rate for a dog?
Snooki: 150. I would love to go back to school and get my vet tech license. I loved the teachers at my school, I’d go there. It’s small, they have a great vet tech program and it’s cheap.

Read the full interview on GQ’s official website.

So wait, I’m confused. She “majored” as a veterinary technician but would like to go back and get her vet tech license? So, is she licensed or not? Did she just do the internship and dropped out before she was licensed? That has to be right. Either that or she accosted the rear ends of large farm animals just for fun.

Become a Veterinary Technician

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