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A veterinary technician (vet tech) assists veterinarians and other staff in veterinary clinics and hospitals to provide direct care to animals. Without a vet tech, veterinarians would have difficulty managing many important daily activities. Vet techs are responsible for providing general physical examinations, taking blood samples from animals, and processing important lab tests. Schools with vet tech programs give students the education they need to become vet techs and begin a career in veterinary medicine.

How to be a Vet Tech

In order to become a vet tech, you must first complete training from any one of the accredited schools with vet tech programs. These schools deliver all training students need to be prepared for the job as a vet tech. Once training is completed, students may be required to pass a final exam in order to become certified. The first step is finding schools with vet tech programs in your area.

Top Schools with Vet Tech Programs

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Vet Tech Salary

Schools with vet vet programs train students to become immediately eligible for vet tech jobs earning a decent salary. As a veterinary technician you can expect to start earning about $14 an hour. The Bureau of Labor Statistics indicates that the average vet tech salary in 2010 was just over $29,000 annually. However, in some cases vet tech salary can be as high as $44,000. For more information about vet tech salary in your area, see our veterinary technician salary by state table.

Vet Tech Positions

The BLS projects that vet tech positions will grow by 52% between 2010 and 2020. This growth is much faster than average and may result in over 41,000 new vet tech positions. Schools with vet tech programs prepare students with the knowledge and skills necessary to compete for these positions.