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Many people choose a career path because of the salary. According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the 2013 median annual veterinary technician salary is $30,500, or about $15/hour. The future job outlook for veterinary technicians is very good, actually one of the best in the market. The veterinary technician occupation is an entry level position that leads into later promotional opportunities by furthering education. Altogether, the choice to become a veterinary technician is safe, wise, and profitable. There aren’t many opportunities like this in the economy. It’s just a matter of finding a veterinary technician college where you can get your training and become certified, registered, or licensed.

Top Paying States and Cities for Vet Tech Salary

Just like any occupation, salary is greatly affected by the local cost of living. This is also true with vet tech salary. Knowing which areas have better salaries can help you make smarter choices for your future career.

Top Paying Metropolitan States

  1. District of Columbia – $39,710
  2. Alaska – $38,620
  3. New York – $37,870
  4. Massachusetts – $37,670
  5. Virginia – $37,450

Top Paying Metropolitan Areas

  1. Norwich, CT – $50,560
  2. Middletown, NY – $45,140
  3. San Jose, CA – $43,650
  4. Anchorage, AK – $42,020
  5. Dover, DE – $41,580

Veterinary Technician Salary and Promotional Opportunities

One of the most beneficial aspects of the veterinary career track is that there are always promotional opportunities. Many students continue their education after becoming a certified veterinary technician. The next step is to become a veterinary technologist, and eventually a veterinarian doctor. These career steps are generally two years apart from each other. Veterinary technician colleges usually offer programs that allow students to continue advancing in the veterinary career path, while they are working. Online veterinary technician programs are especially helpful with this type of advancement.

Future Job Outlook for Veterinary Technicians

It’s not only the current veterinary technician salary that is important, but the viability of the veterinary technician career. According to the the BLS, the future job market for veterinary technicians is very good. They actually use the term “excellent” to describe the market. They expect a 52% increase in veterinary technician jobs between 2010 and 2020. They use the phrase, “much faster than average” to describe this growth.

With the economy and job market the way it is, this is good news. There are many students graduating that can’t find work in their field of study. With the veterinary technician occupation, the BLS anticipates over 41,000 future jobs will be created. Over time, it is expected that veterinary technician salary will increase, just like many occupations, to take into account a rising cost of living and inflation.