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A veterinary technician plays a pivotal role in any animal clinic or hospital. Their main role is to assist the veterinarian in providing direct care to patients (animals). Many students choose to get their vet tech certification, because it is a faster and less expensive training program. Vet techs have the option to then progress from veterinary technician to veterinarian with additional education.

To become a veterinary technician you must complete a training program from an accredited veterinary technician school.  This is the first step in transitioning from a veterinary technician to veterinarian. Once training is completed, you may be required to pass a final examination in order to become certified. As a certificed veterinary technician, you will be authorized to work with animals in a clinic or hospital, providing direct care to animals. Some common duties of a veterinary technician include:

  • General physical examinations.
  • Taking and recording health measurements (heart rate, weight, etc.).
  • Extracting blood and urine samples.
  • Processing lab tests.

Complete Veterinary Technician Program

The first step to a career as a veterinary technician is to complete an accredited training program. Without this, you cannot move from veterinary technician to veterinarian. Veterinary technician programs can be completed in a campus setting or online. Many students are choosing online veterinary technician programs because they are generally more accessible and less expensive. This is a perfect option for students who have families or jobs that complicate their schedule. The key is to find a high quality vet tech school, such as the recommended schools below.

Recommended Veterinary Technician Schools

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Transition from Veterinary Technician to Veterinarian

Once you have completed your veterinary technician program, you are certified to work with animals in veterinary clinic or hospital. Some students choose to gain experience as a vet tech before they continue their career. Others immediately continue their education to promote from veterinary technician to veterinarian. Veterinarian schools usually require attending more advanced colleges, such as state universities.